The end of the renovations, more wildlife, and then they shut the water off

Since the first day of summer vacation, we’ve had renovations going on. Mostly outside, but the guys did come inside to put a sub-pump into a closet downstairs during the last couple of days. My closet looked like an outhouse for a while, with a huge hole in the ground and bags of dirt piled along the wall.

They’re done, now. They left and although they did a great job cleaning up after themselves, obviously there has to be more cleaning done. There’s a bit more dust than before, and the furniture has to be moved back. Also that closet has a new configuration now which means what I stored in there before now has to be adjusted, slightly. (It used to house bins of lego. I may have to reduce the bins, or get rid of some…or house the lego elsewhere.)

Point is, all that stuff was done on Tuesday evening. By Wednesday evening, we finished putting the wall unit together, and anchored it to the wall. The living room is closer to finished than ever before, and with the new couch, things are looking up.

So this morning, with no one having to do anything or be anywhere prior to 11 am, we all slept late, had casual breakfasts, and hung around in pjs. Imagine my surprise (and irritation) when, bang, bang, BANG, someone knocked on the front door.

They’re shutting off the water due to a pipe burst in the neighbourhood, sorry for the inconvenience, but they have to do emergency repairs. The water will be back on in six hours.

6 hours.



So we literally had 20 minutes notice for filling a bunch of water bottles, pots, vessels and containers with water for handwashing, cooking and drinking, and race through the morning showers. He had an appointment out of the house, and I prefer showers in the mornings, too.

Rush rush rushing around on my first day of vacation post-renovations, hasn’t been particularly welcome. I am not happy.

And then, I spotted a brown rabbit in my backyard. Way to go, blaming all the groundhogs and raccoons for the veggie patch damage….

Welcome to my zoo.

bunny in the backyard

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