First week of summer: dirt, trenches, and plenty of wildlife

For the first week of summer vacation, we’ve been waterproofing the foundation of the house. But that’s not all. We’ve also had a plethora of wildlife adventures to keep us distracted, as well.

One of our veggie patch thieves, a little groundhog baby, suffered some sort of head trauma and we had to catch it in a bucket and call Animal Services. The big fat momma and the twin sibling seem to have disappeared, probably because of the waterproofers. When the remaining ‘hog baby got injured (I think, or maybe sick with distemper), it must have gone back to his birthplace (my neighbour’s shed) to seek comfort. Except, he found himself abandoned and alone. It was my daughter who saw him first, and I managed to catch him the next day with the use of a broom. Poor thing is probably not going to survive…

groundhog baby

To take its place, there’s a raccoon family who had quadruplets, and they’re happily munching away what the ‘hog babies left behind in my veggie patch. There will be no zucchini, barely any cucumbers, and the lettuces never had a chance. The parsley I tried to salvage and replant into a pot on the porch was dug up by squirrels so there’s no herbs, either. Only the garlic remains, and so far, the tomato plants. The hogs even ate my son’s hot pepper plants. Only one lonely banana pepper remains on six trees, bare of leaves.


But back to the waterproofing: our access to the outdoors has been restricted by huge amounts of dirt piled as high as the 11 year old kid, and trenches twice as deep as my 8 year old.

Thankfully, all of this digging hasn’t affected the wifi.

The timing for this necessary but irksome job was great, actually. We’re in some sort of a weird drought where we get a thunderstorm or two that last for about 15 minutes, a couple of times a week, which leave very little behind in terms of puddles, mud, or even enough to drench the parched lawns and plants. The dry conditions are better than wet, mucky ones. At least that’s my perspective; not sure if they guys down in the trenches think the same. They’re digging in the humidity, while I lock myself in the air-conditioned house and ignore the fact that the kids are pretty much constantly plugged in.

There’s nowhere to play for them outside.

The good new is that our driveway side is done now. We can park our cars back on our own lot.

The front trench is still open. The pile of dirt should be shoveled back tomorrow, I think. The inspector gave the go-ahead, so all’s good there. Yet the backyard was just freshly dug today, that won’t be done till next week. But we have progress! I don’t care….no more water in the basement will be worth it.

Week two is just around the corner. There’s nothing major on the books, yet, but at least one appointment has been booked, a part-time tennis camp is in the works for a kid, and grandma will probably take the girl child for a sleepover. Then we’re into the first baseball tournament and week three will be upon is before we know it. By then, garage constructions will have begun (I hope).

It never ends.





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