Couch shopping has come to an end

So. We finally have a new couch!


As I’ve discovered, just because you move back into a renovated house does not mean you will  feel….settled. Settling in, as it turns out, takes a long time. Longer than I care to think about, really. (Renos finished a year ago April.)

We thought we could make do with much of the existing furniture when we moved back in but the reality is, the leather couch took a beating during the toddler/preschool years, and frankly, it just didn’t seat all four of us comfortably anymore. The extra chairs in the living room either didn’t really match, weren’t that comfortable, always got pushed around to make the room look awkward and cluttery, and I was just fed up.

We have this lovely new space now and it warranted a new couch so I began the hunt.

And hunt I did.

A year later, we finally found what we wanted, and they delivered it on Friday.

It’s a sectional, and comes with an ottoman that opens up to store blankets, books, remotes and board games (or tiny girls*). We can move the ottoman around to accommodate our various sitting/lying down positions or use it as an extension when we have extra people around.


I keep a tray on the ottoman for adult-only drinks. (Ha.)

Note: the children are not allowed to eat, drink or do anything drippy on or near the couch. Despite this rule, the girl-child already jumped around while someone had a glass of soda water on the tray and naturally the ottoman got wet.  At almost the exact same time, the boy-child was sucking on one of those disgusting lime-green jumbo freezies (he’d just finished a baseball game in the heat!) and just as I banished him away from the furniture, he leaked it all over the bench in the hallway which has (do I need to say this at all?) an off-white cushion on it.

Point made.

So let’s talk about the positives here: I love the couch. I love the colour. I love the shape. And I love the size because it fits all four of us comfortably. 🙂

I don’t love that I only got to enjoy it for less than 24 hours before someone spilled something on it…

Then of course I had to go look at pillows. HomeSense had some I liked, and the splash of colour along with the bird motive was exactly the right thing for me to feel cheered up. I will keep the plain looking gray ones that came with the couch, add the colourful bird ones, and find some additional ones to complete the look and comfort factor. Ikea has a mustard yellow that appealed to me and they’re not expensive so that’s the next step. (The walls are painted a colour called Gardenstone (Benjamin Moore) which has a hint of that mustardy yellow, which is a lovely backdrop for the charcoal gray. I love it!)


At one point, we’ll probably add an area rug. But I’m in no rush to purchase carpets right now. I like the way the floors look beneath my new couch.

But there is one thing that registers high on the male brain…


The green painter’s tape is indicative to the wall-unit we’re about to purchase (picked out, not yet bought), and as is evident from the contemplative state of the man, the tv size is likely to change in the not too distant future, as well.

And so it continues, the renovations that never end. I sense a trip to big box stores coming… 🙂

But for now, we have a couch and pillows. Progress!

*The cover of the ottoman doesn’t completely close when she’s in it, so there is no danger of suffocation. Also she’s 8. AND she’s been told not to play Dracula or vampire or whatever with my new ottoman. Stay tuned, I sense a story developing at some point with this thing…

One Reply to “Couch shopping has come to an end”

  1. Fabulous! We shopped for a new couch for like, a year before finding something suitable, so I feel your pain. In general furniture shopping with kids in tow is the worst. The new couch looks amazing – perfect for the space and love that ottoman!


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