Portable thermos food they will eat

As it turns out, baseball season is just as busy as hockey season. Which means that cooking portable food continues to be a major preoccupation on my brain.

But it’s the end of the school year and although my kids aren’t exactly picky, they have become rather choosy about what they want to eat (junk) as opposed to what I prepare for them (same thing rotated every few days for the last eight months).

Here’s the thing. I’m running out of patience ideas, so I’m making pasta.

Pasta is easy and versatile and portable in thermos containers and can be eaten hot, or cold. But not everyone wants pasta every day (i.e. DH* in particular) which makes it tricky. But DH is out of town and the boy had tennis followed by baseball, and the girl is on a growth spurt and won’t stop eating, so I made what my mom used to call an “Auflauf”. This is a German word and means casserole. And everyone knows casseroles are easy (one dish) and you can add, or subtract, pretty much anything you want.

Here’s what I made, the lazy version of a dish my mom often shoved into the oven.

Pasta Auflauf with bacon


I cooked some small pasta shells to al dente (slightly undercooked). While they cooked I chopped some bacon, microwaved it to crispy, went into the garden, harvested some herbs and swiss chard, and chopped everything. Then I drained the pasta, poured into a casserole dish with some butter, mixed in the bacon, herbs and chard, and set aside. Then I mixed two eggs, some milk, and spices, poured over the whole thing, sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan cheese and baked the casserole for 30 minutes.

The girl ate three bowls full. The tennis-baseball player ate a thermos in the car after tennis and before baseball, and a second thermos after baseball. The leftovers went into the girl’s lunch today.

Given how fed up and exhausted I am with all things sports and school and lunch-making related, I gotta say, this casserole saved the day.

*DH stands for Dear Husband 🙂

One Reply to “Portable thermos food they will eat”

  1. Definitely something I would like to get into. Just turning cold her and not much hot food at school and if so , lots of $$. Pasta is definitely a good idea 🙂

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