Last ditch effort for school – the money jar

I know everyone is counting the days (hours, minutes…) before summer vacation begins, but we’re not quite there yet. And one thing that seems more prevalent this time of year, so close to the finish line, is the endless need for cash and coins.

There are so many field trips, fundraising functions and pizza/ice-cream/hotdog days in the last few weeks of school that my regular money jar, which I neglect somewhat during the early spring days, is empty.

We’re back to it now. Small bills (10s and 5s) as well as coins are placed in there everytime I open my wallet.

cash for school
cash for school

The coins didn’t used to be important, but now that I’ve started practicing taking the streetcar to school with my oldest, they become key. In this city, children under the age of 13 ride free, but I need to pay full fare ($3.25). They don’t hand out change if you give them a bill…

So, every time I break a 20 I save the small bills and coins for the money jar.

My youngest’s school Fun Fair is coming on Thursday. This is by far the biggest fundraising event of the year, and they have jumping castles and a DJ and a million other things going on, which of course the kids really look forward to. If you think I’m standing in a long line for a hot dog you can think again – I’m gonna hand a 5 to a kid and make her stand in line for her hot dog. 🙂

I do believe the money jar is handy for the future summer days as well. The ice cream truck takes cash only, so does the old man in his sharpening truck…how many times did I want to get the pruning tools sharpened when he passed by on our street but I couldn’t find more than 16 cents of change in my wallet… (debit has been a fantastic invention but cash still is needed for so many things). I’ll never forget the surprise trip to the hospital with a kid who had a bleeding wound to his head, either, where I had to sit for over two hours and wait our turn. The kids were preschool and toddler and guess what, two hours is a long time to go without a snack (and no coins for the machine….). Brutal.

So get yourself a jam jar or some other open container, and start saving those coins and bills. You won’t be sorry, and if there’s any leftover after school ends, treat yourself to Starbucks.


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