Ward off afternoon fatigue with a 60-second protein breakfast

There were days when the kids were in the early grades of school where I could barely make it to pick-up time. The exhaustion I felt, which in turn made me crave sugar, which in turn made me crash more, was one of the most unpleasant aspects of parenting young school-aged children, and I do not ever want to return to those days.

All I wanted was some chocolate to pick me up. Chocolate tasted great but it made me feel worse. And sleepy. And grumpy. So I would reach for a cookie (more sugar) and within a few minutes the same thing happened again.

I was always tired.

My doctor said: do you get enough protein?

My naturopath doctor said: are you eating protein for breakfast?

My partner said: I’m eating leftovers from last night’s dinner to get enough protein in at breakfast…

Everyone wants more protein. Everyone says you should have more protein. Most people know they should increase their protein intake.

I’m here to tell you that eggs are a good source of protein, and a great breakfast food.

No time for eggs in the morning?

I have two solutions that have worked for us, especially for me and my 11yo son, which I am going to share here with you. But first, allow me to justify that this simple switch has worked better at battling fatigue than the numerous supplements I’ve been directed to take. (They have a place in my diet, but did not do enough to keep me awake and alert.)

Since focusing on protein at breakfast, I have noticed that I last through the day better, and longer. The crash, if it does come, isn’t as severe, and as long as I force myself to stay away from the sugar and carbs, I manage to make it to hockeybaseballtennis without falling over at the wheel in mid-travel.

As much as the sugary carbs appeal on some days, particularly with coffee, if I don’t get the protein into me at breakfast time, I won’t last through the afternoon. Then I turn into a grumpy-pissed-off-impatient monster mom and I just don’t want to be that person any more.

The fatigue can be debilitating. Been there, done that, will never return to the carbs for breakfast method ever again.

And my 11yo will come home after school when he ate carbs for breakfast and almost always complain of a headache and feeling tired. Right before we have to rush off to hockeybaseballtennis and who knows what else.

(Aside note: there are many protein breakfast options that don’t include eggs, or dairy (like shakes). My success with eggs however led me to blog about this because I want to share with you how easy and fast it can be to serve eggs for breakfast.)

Option 1 for quick and easy eggs for breakfast:

Hard-boil a bunch and leave in the fridge. Peel and eat with toast and mayo, or salt, or whatever else you want. Add fruit, coffee or maybe some greek yogurt (more protein).

Option 2 for quick and easy eggs for breakfast:

Go to some kitchen gadget, or big box store, and get one of those microwavable egg thingies. We have one, it poaches two eggs in 60 seconds (the time it takes me to pour my coffee and add milk to it), and when the toast pops up, the eggs are ready.

This is what my son prefers to eat on many school day mornings (along with some fruit, or yogurt, and juice):

protein for breakfast with 60-second poached eggs
protein for breakfast with 60-second poached eggs

I think most people can manage eggs this way. Some people make shakes for their kids. Others cook bacon, or give them toasted ham sandwiches. Point is, almost anything with protein will keep you from craving those sugary treats later (or keeps the temptation less tempting).

No one I know has time for crashes, or naps. I know I don’t.



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