Quick and easy chicken bakes

Someone on facebook posted this and inspired me. With everyone doing something different between 4pm and 8pm today, I figured, a chicken bake is exactly the right kind of dinner to have on hand. Can be eaten hot (microwave the cooked casserole) or cold (because cold chicken as a sandwich or a salad is yum) and there you go. Add rice or pasta or baguette, or not. Place on a plate with a green, couscous or quinoa salad. Done.

Honestly, I thought with hockey season being done for now things would slow down a bit. But the kids are in baseball and tennis and this and that….might as well get used to it, right? Soon, they’ll be teens and even more hungry than now…

These pictures are of the uncooked, ready-to-be-shoved-in-the-oven chicken bakes. Both have bacon and broccoli in them.

Chicken bake with bacon, broccoli, mushrooms and tomato sauce 

chicken bake with bacon, mushrooms and broccoli

Chicken bake with bacon, broccoli, asparagus and white wine

chicken bake with asparagus

I added tons of spices and fresh herbs, and covered the dishes with foil. They’re baking right now in a 400 degree oven, and when they’re done, they can be eaten immediately, or later after work/sports, or tomorrow for lunch.


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