The toll of hallway closets when the seasons change

If you live in a country with seasons, you understand instinctively that at some point at least twice a year you will go insane.

We live in a country with seasons, and the transition from cold, wet weather to warm, dry weather takes a big fat toll on my tiny hall closets, my attic and my sanity.

Attics are a blessing for storing seasonal things.

Attics are also a curse for storing seasonal things. Especially clothing and footwear.

Yesterday morning, I snapped. One look at the two small hall closets and I knew, this is it. I must purge, clear out winter gear, and do it now. I just couldn’t look at the explosive mess of winter jackets, hats, scarfs and snowpants mixed in with spring jackets, sandals, baseball caps and worn-out, too small running shoes anymore. Plus baseball season has begun and there’s an assorted mess of gloves, bats and balls tossed in with umbrellas and schoolbags.

What I like even less than the mess is the incessant questions where something is. But no wonder nobody can find anything. There is too much stuff from too many seasons clogging up the entrance.

Purging however is easier to write about than to do. Although we are still in the stages of ‘save some of the winter coats and snow pants for next year’ age of the children, I find it hard to put away the almost new-looking boots for six months. It’s possible they’ll fit her, saving us some costs next year, but it’s equally possible they won’t…

The question I asked myself was this: is it worth the trouble to stow the stuff that has a 50% chance of being outgrown in 6 months?

I don’t know the answer. But her boots look almost new…

Regardless, yesterday was the day I picked to clear out the winter gear. I now have several bags of stuff to donate stored in the back of the van, and several bins I stowed away in the attic. Plus I did a huge big clean-out as well and vacuumed those hard to reach corners inside the shoe closet, and purged the baskets of mismatched or missing mittens and gloves.

Everything is neatly organized, labeled, and tidy.

I took a picture of it. Just because I could.

What I should have done was print the picture and post it inside the closets, along with a nice caption, something like this:

This is what the closet should look like at all times.


Of course, the weather next week indicates that cool and possibly wet may return, so perhaps I jinxed the entire thing with my pro-activity.

Seems I can’t win. But such is life in southern Canada.

Happy purging!

5 Replies to “The toll of hallway closets when the seasons change”

  1. We are lucky to have a mudroom for all this stuff but even then, in Spring and Fall it’s a miasma of STUFF. All the coats of all levels are out, mittens and hats everywhere, everyone with at least four different choices of footwear…with five of us, you can barely move in there. I envy your cleanout – I need to get in there but I like to pretend it just doesn’t exist :).

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    1. Jinxed it here, what with the crappy weekend. So the solution was to not get the stuff back out of the attic and let everyone plug in the whole day instead. Who needs extra clothing for that. lol

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  2. I do this twice a year as well and it always seems to make me feel better somehow. One I get rid of clutter and two the donation makes me feel like I’ve done a good deed. On the down side I will sometimes need to go shopping to replace some things and I really don’t like shopping. It’s always a struggle.


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