The curse of the big box store

With printed email in hand displaying my membership number, I got my picture taken for my brand new Costco card and was welcomed as their newest member.

Then I promptly spent 200 bucks there.


But I am not unhappy to be a member there. I will apply the same logic I do at other stores when shopping for the family, and bring my list, and stick to the list (mostly), and do price analysis (most of the time). I’m pretty good at keeping things under control at No Name stores or staying far away from Walmart and the like unless I’m really desperate and run out of toilet paper or something, so I can apply the same method to Costco.

THAT is my story and I’m sticking to it.

* * *

My youngest has been sick since the weekend. I finally made an appointment today to have her ears checked and luckily she doesn’t need antibiotics. Rest and fluids, and pain killers, the doctor said.


She’s an easy patient. She’s quiet, and drinking her fluids, and reading or sleeping or watching tv. Sometimes she wants a little bit of affection. I can do that.

But. She is not eating. I just force fed her homemade soup with a bit of chicken and pasta in it and she at three teaspoons and then quit.

3 teaspoons. That is not enough food to sustain her.


I guess she’ll eat me out of the house when she’s better again. At which point I’ll be running to Costco weekly just to keep up with her appetite.





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