The endlessness that is…

…couch shopping.

(For once, the word endless is not followed by the word hockey. Ha.)

Almost exactly a year ago we moved back into the renovated house.

We turned the two bedroom bungalow into a one bedroom on the main floor and two bedrooms in the basement type of house in order to have an open concept kitchen/living/dining area.

This was definitely not a mistake. I love the main part of the house. So open, so airy, so light, so….cluttered.

Ok, the clutter bothers me less now than it did before the renovation. I have more space to allow for playing with toys without feeling claustrophobic, for one thing. She’s still little enough to want to play with traditional toys…

Anyway, we have this new space. And it’s great. But we still have the old couch. It’s comfy (I’m told) and brown leather, but all I see is how worn it is, how saggy the middle is, and how uninviting it looks with the mismatched pillows and blankets thrown about in no rhyme or reason.

Part of the budget allows for a new couch.

And that is my biggest dilemma right now. The OLD couch is still here.

I want an L-shaped sectional in a dark charcoal colour made out of a type of fabric.

I have seen several couches in various shapes and sizes I think will suit the space, and for which the price is right, but we still don’t have it.

We still don’t have a new couch for the new space that is already a year old.

Which brings me to the topic of furniture shopping. Or shopping in general.

I do not enjoy shopping.

But everyone knows the internet was invented for those of us who hate traditional, going-to-the-store, shopping. So I do all my browsing and specs-analyzing and what have you online, while I sip coffee, and then narrow down the few spots I have to go to in order to try the couch out for size and comfort.

Today we went to two places and tried out a few of my narrowed-down choices.

Then we came home without a couch.



2 Replies to “The endlessness that is…”

  1. Furniture shopping is so awful. It’s something you have to live with every day so it feels so important, and then when everyone has an opinion – ugh. We shopped for our new couch for at least a year and I swear nothing would ever have happened if I didn’t give away the old one on Kijiji first. For a good month we were sitting on the dining room chairs in front of the TV. It was a strong motivator :).

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    1. You my friend are brilliant. Kijiji…ha! (we live next to a college campus so technically we could just stick the thing on the lawn with a sign and some coed would come by and give us a 100 bucks of her dad’s money and be done with it.) 🙂


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