When hockey season ends….

…it doesn’t quite end. Not really. Because after the regular season finally concludes, there’s the playoff season, and when you get bumped out of that, you enter post-season tournaments, and after those are done, you have to go to try-outs to prepare for next season, which starts with a summer tournament in July followed by the dry-land training season which begins sometime in August….

last day hockey legs

But yesterday, I loaded up the car for the last time.

hockey and ringette gear

The red hockey bag is done. The hockey tournament ended on Saturday for the boys, and their end of year banquet to celebrate their season is next week. The blue bag for the ringette girl gets loaded one more time…her regionals are still on and she’s playing for gold today.

While I was at his rink yesterday there was a bar/restaurant upstairs in the facility, with huge televisions which were playing Blue Jays baseball games. Despite the fact that we had a view of four ice pads with various minor hockey teams playing their game, baseball season has ‘almost’ started and was well advertised. Here in Canada, and especially in Toronto, NHL hockey isn’t particularly prominent this year, and none of the Canadian teams are in the playoffs. So what do we do? We tune into baseball. Because in the city of Toronto our Blue Jays rock!

After abandoning my hockey kid yesterday afternoon, I took the ringette kid to her rink an hour and a half away. I passed through every conceivable weather, including several snow storms with big fat flakes and accumulation, but what the heck. I will tolerate snow while the van is packed with ice sports gear…

Once I got to her rink, I found a comfy spot in a leather chair and sat myself down to watch her game up ahead through the big window (while occasionally glancing to the right where the Jays game was playing on the tv).

The girls won. Just barely, but they did it! She’s playing for gold today. 🙂

I am not sad to say goodbye to the rink for the foreseeable future (ok, a few weeks, maybe). The next hockey season will come again, it always does, but we need a break from arena life.

we'll be back!

But don’t worry. We’ll be back!


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