Let them play, I say these days….

Seriously, it’s March Break, it’s cold and rainy, and all they really want to do is plug into their newest video game. SO WHAT. Let them play! That’s what I say, lately…

We’ve been invaded by Skylander Trap Team. Do not ask me what it is. All I know is they love it, they enjoy spending their birthday money on the little plastic toys that somehow magically come to life on the screen, and it keeps them occupied and quiet for hours.

Every time I throw in a  load of laundry I go check on them. They seem to have fun.

Let them play.

When March Break is over we’re back to school and the remainder of hockey/ringette and other activities. They don’t play video games during the school week and they don’t have time, anyway. We’re constantly heading to a rink. So, what’s the harm. Let them play. It’s March Break. Downtime.

But March Break is also a time to do other things. For instance, shopping. I’m not the type of person who enjoys shopping, but it’s one of those things that needs to be done. And when it comes to purchasing clothing for the kids, particularly for him, it’s simply less trouble for me if he just comes with me to try the pants on in the store. Returning clothing is an activity I hate more than shopping for it to begin with, which explains why the boots I bought him at the beginning of the winter season are still in the closet with tags attached. They were a size too small and I never got around to returning them. Frustrating.

Anyway, first, they had eye appointments, which in itself was something interesting and a bit of a diversion from the constant screen time. I take them to my Optometrist who is very advanced in terms of the type of equipment he has in his offices. While he checked one kid’s eyes, the rest of us were able to watch along two computer monitors what was going on. Both kids were fascinated by how the light of the laser-like tool shone into and around their eyes by following along the images on the computer!

In the end, the good news was that neither needs glasses (whereas I needed them when I was 7…lucky them!). So after the appointment, I suggested, since we were halfway there anyway,  we go to the Thrift store to check for pants for the boy, and then on the way home drop into the Bulk Barn for some beans and nuts. I even had a coupon.

The ensuing complaining wasn’t particularly welcome but when I declared that it was almost lunch time and there’s a little Japanese Sukiyaki place by the Bulk Barn, they seemed more interested in participating in my errands. Bonus, there was an EB Games place nearby where we spent a half a fortune of his birthday money on new family members for the trap team thingy he’s so obsessed with lately.

Now, I’m sitting here with tea, cookies, and Freddy Mercury wailing in the background, debating about dinner. Tonight we’re heading out to a hockey game (as spectators, imagine!) and Friday we’re planning a trip to the ROM. This gives them a few hours today and most of tomorrow to plug in and play their games.

Suits me fine.

Happy March Break!

One thought on “Let them play, I say these days….

  1. Us too – I have been slowly upping the amount of screen time around here. We get out a lot, and they have a fair amount of scheduled activities (not like hockey!, but enough) and I make them take reading/board game breaks a few times throughout the day. But there’s no question they were plugged in at least 4 or 5 hours a day over March Break – and loving it. A good time was had by all!

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