Rink grub

I’m always looking to feed the rink rats in my family with nutritious, healthy, good tasting, kid-approved meals before, and after hockey or ringette.


Plenty of inspiration is available on the web.


Kids are particular about their food intake. And although I can’t complain *in general* about the eating habits of my almost 11 and 8 year old mini athletes, they do have their peculiarities.

One refuses to eat potatoes unless it’s french fries or poutine. The other could eat mashed or roasted potatoes every single day.

Both eat most raw vegetables but one refuses cooked ones, especially beans or peas, whereas the other will happily munch on her legumes.

Pasta could be on the menu every single day for one but the other is kind of ‘meh’ about it.

That kind of thing…

One thing they both love is snack-bar food at any given rink. Or those icky candies from the gum ball machine…

I turn a blind eye when this happens. Nothing I can do about it anyway…even if I don’t give her money while her brother is on the ice, she manages to find coins in places I shudder to even think about and next thing I know she has a blue tongue and a jawbreaker in her mouth.

I’d rather not know about it.

He in the meantime prefers popcorn, Dorito chips and sour soother candies. The fact that he pukes the next day still hasn’t connected his grey matter that maybe a combination of that particular junk during his sister’s ringette session may not necessarily be quite the smartest move on his part.

But again, I turn a blind eye. I can only say so much anyway…

The way I see it is that my job as hockey mom is to feed them properly to sustain their energy levels through all the periods of the game. What they eat at the rink when they’re spectators instead of players is beyond my control.

Or, I choose to choose my battles. Eating junk at the rink is part of the rink rat experience.


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

But then, the next practice looms and I gotta feed them dinner. Every day they want to eat dinner…

So today I took out a package of ground turkey.

Last week I made turkey balls. I made a dipping sauce. I even rolled them in some left-over bacon fat for extra flavour. I thought, mistakenly as it turns out, that they will eat them and ask for more. And have them for lunch in their thermoses at school.

I was wrong.

I am often wrong.

But big bad warehouse store doesn’t sell single packages of ground turkey and there are three more packages left in the freezer and hockey is early tonight which means I want the food read to eat by the time we get back (crockpot will save the day again!) so I made this:

rink grub ground turkey

In this are many nutritious food items, like swiss chard including the bright red stems, chopped small so the kids won’t ask, onions caramalized in olive oil and just a touch of maple syrup, and spices like smoked paprika, and mustard powder. There’s fresh garlic chopped small so ‘it doesn’t spice her tongue’ and sea salt to enhance flavours. At the end I dumped in some canned tomatoes with juice and let it simmer for a while. A sprinkle of oregano and some ground pepper and we’re good to go.

I can hardly wait to have some myself.

Plus, I made extra to have left-overs. I plan on doing several things with this:

Mix it with pasta for hockey boy for tonight after practice. *

Mix the leftovers with rice for lunch the next day for those who are home for lunch.

Roll some of it in a tortilla and add cheese to have in the van on the way to the rink during rush hour. Like a nutritious snack that will make minimal mess.


Easy peasy.

*Sometimes, feeding a ‘newish’ recipe to the kids when they’re really hungry will increase the likelyhood that they’ll eat it, especially if it’s mixed with something I know they’ll eat. For him, that’s pasta. And after a game or practice, he’s always really hungry. Chances are good he’ll not only eat it, but he’ll also like it.

However; I am often wrong (see above).


See you at the rink!


One thought on “Rink grub

  1. It looks delicious! I’d eat it :). I never understand those families that have kids that eat “everything” – I have three super picky ones myself. Hope this new dish goes down smoothly. Also – love that hockey legs photo!


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