12 minutes

Depending on your point of view, 12 minutes can be a long time, or a short time.

For instance, if you’re cooking and following a recipe and it tells you that the food should cook/steam/boil/roast for 12 minutes, you can probably adjust this a little. Spaghetti sauce, soup or stew has never tasted worse when cooked for longer than 12 minutes, is what I’m saying (and no, I don’t recall a recipe actually saying you should cook sauce for 12 minutes….but just bear with me here for a sec).

Now if you’re baking, 12 minutes becomes a very prominent time to keep in mind. Baking something like cookies, for example, for exactly 12 minutes might burn them, or undercook them. It depends on your oven, whether or not you have a convection, and whether or not you used exact amounts of your ingredients or adjusted slightly (as one does, sometimes). Like my cookies today: I halved the dough so that I had a nut-free option for school lunches, and a nut and chocolate chip option for after school. The nut option was ground almond which probably acts like flour when baking, so theoretically they would probably benefit from baking a little less long than 12 minutes.


My original recipe said 12 minutes. I have a convection oven which means it has a fan that circulates air inside of it. It’s also a fairly new one (post renovation, so less than a year old) and very modern (it has a fancy motherboard you have to wake up before you can actually get it to do anything, as it’s all electronic).

So I made my cookies. I put them in the oven. I checked the first batch at 9 minutes and they weren’t done. I checked again at just before 12 minutes and they looked done. 12 minutes appear to be just the right amount of time for the non-nut option.

Second batch went in. Waiting around by the sink was boring so I puttered around doing other stuff. I checked it at exactly 12 minutes and they would have been too dry if I had not taken them out immediately.

I took them out and let them cool. So far so good.

Then I put the third batch in.

By now baking is boring me to death. The only reason I’m baking is because the family needs snacks for school and work, and we’re all sick of processed cookies and treats. Homebaked sweets can be nutritionally improved or adjusted and heck, it’s cold out, and baking makes the house smell nice. So…while the cookies baked, I decided to check in with facebook.

You know what’s coming next, right? lol…

Something enticing was happening on facebook…and since my laptop faces the stove where I can see the timer count down, I allowed myself to indulge with a little social media.

Then, the oven beeped. I may or may not have heard the beep.

I saw something flash on the motherboard of the stove, but I just wanted to finish this one sentenceparagraphlinkthingy (SIGH) and since the timer deactivates the oven I figured the cookies were safe to sit there for a minute.

In the still hot oven.

Because I was busy. On social media.


burnt oatmeal cookies

But the other two batches worked out. I have a few cookies to last us till…Wednesday.

And so begins my week.

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