To resolve or not resolve

People tend to resolve, and reflect, at the end of the calendar year. This is not a bad practice to get into, and for people who blog, or keep a journal, people who run businesses and need goals and projections to move forward, this is all part of it. We mark an ending, or a new beginning, by looking back before we look forward.

The New Year 2016 is upon us. I’m not unhappy to move into a new year. We had a whirlwind year of renovations and major changes happen over the last 12 months. I’m glad to have it behind us, but I’m also ready to move into something a little more predictable, and settled. Who knows what the next year will bring? More renovations? A new job? Changes in hockey? Maybe a pet? We shall see…

I don’t usually resolve for the New Year. But I do want to make some changes in my life, both for my sanity and for my family life. Because…things are gonna get a little bit crazier in the next few months and I want to make sure I can handle it without adding more trouble to my already fragile state of mental health.


At least that’s what it feels like, right now. My mind is in panic and anxiety mode and it makes me feel vulnerable and stressed. It feels like hockey season and kids activities and homework and the weather and his work and my lack of work and the house and its endless clutter will all be the end of me. So I resolve to focus on things that will help me stay on track, rather than recoil and regress into oblivion (or back to bed as soon as they’re all out of the house).

But how do I do this? How do any of us do this? I never thought in a million years that staying at home full-time can be so…time-consuming. Or draining. And distracting. I really want to break the procrastination habits, so in order to get there, I thought I’ll just list out some ideas here.


I resolve to write more, and better. The way to go about this is to Just Do It (this Nike slogan is one of the best ones ever. Another one I really like is Canadian Tire’s “We all play for Canada”. Genius.)

I tried to do the blogging every day for the month of November and then got sick and abandoned it which made me super sad. But I checked in with some who persevered and I loved the fact that I was able to count on their little anecdotes (Lynn, you inspire me!). Writing was a passion for me for so long, and then I seemed to have buried it, or lost it, somewhere. I vow to get it back, and the only way I know how to go about this is to just write. So, I declare to myself: write something. Just. Do. It.

Aside note: I often email myself little ideas of aha moments to inspire my writing. What do I do with this list? I need to compile it, reflect on it, and write. No time like a new year to start this habit.

Write it.


We all know what to do to stay healthy in terms of cooking and eating. Which is all fine and dandy but this is Canada in the winter and eating the kinds of foods that make you feel good and keep you healthy aren’t necessarily easily obtained (or, if they are, might be either expensive or somewhat tasteless due to the miles they travel to get here). There’s also endless talking of increases in food prices which might mean that my family will have to learn how to eat alternative protein things like beans, or pulses (at least one family member didn’t even know what pulses are for goodness sake…). For me, that means more creativity in the kitchen. Which is fine, if I can lay off the wine while I cook. Because face it, if I save by purchasing a bag of dried beans instead of steak, and then spend the savings on wine, well that would be a case of ‘moot’. Ha.


The reality is that I am not good at taking supplements. I’ve lived most of my life without a single supplement and I’m mostly healthy, and not over- or underweight. Having said that, a naturopath doctor recommended we take zinc to ward off virus-like sicknesses, and maintain stronger hair and nails and lo, it works. Particularly for one family member who gets cold sores around the mouth semi-regularly. A regular dose of zinc and we are less sick and if we do get sick, we are down for a short while and back to normal quickly. Also my own  nails are not brittle anymore, and the white dots have disappeared.

On top of that, we are not heavy milk drinkers. Milk is fortified with Vitamin D and we need this supplemented in this dark and cold country during especially the winter months. So we add a drop or three to our juice in the morning and that’s that.


Everyone is dehydrated. Probably the most hydrated people are women who blog about water, and they’re likely still not getting enough. Adding lemon to water not only makes it taste better, but it acts to de-acidify your acid body, particularly if you drink coffee or tea (and alcohol). I make a habit of drinking some lemon water on waking prior to coffee, and force it on the kids in small doses before they get their breakfast, and I have to say, we all feel better for it.


Whiling away on facebook or twitter, or the internet in general, is so easy to get tricked into…I’m seriously considering scheduling a time to check updates. I schedule everything else around here, may as well force a habit with the social media. As much as I like the connection to people and conversation, it does run away from me.


I resolve (there, I said it) to actually use coupons.

I have electronic versions already which are so much more convenient than the cut and clip ones, but money is never plenty and if we can save a few bucks, why not take advantage of this? So during my scheduled social media time I will find coupons for items that I need (not want) and use them on my next purchases. May need a bit of planning and coordinating but, I’m good at that. Just a few months ago I replaced my Swiffer wet mop with a clipped coupon and paid 40% less, while the thing was on sale, too. All in all, it’s worth it I think.

With that in mind, I think I will head off to de-christmas this place. Starting the New Year without Christmas in the house is appealing to me, and I know I’m not alone, I saw a guy put a tree out today already, right next to a hockey net. (Note to self: plug the kids in far away from the tree or we will be celebrating Christmas until April.)

Happy New Year!




2 Replies to “To resolve or not resolve”

  1. Excellent resolutions! I love the one about lemon water. Will be adding that to my resolve list. This year I’m trying to go very minimal with the resolutions – I think it’s a great time of year to take stock and set some goals but like you, I also feel overwhelmed and swamped so there’s no need to add more.

    I really loved NaBloPoMo, though. I’d do it again next year for sure. This winter I am taking a writing class for the first time ever to try to force myself to write more…we’ll see how it goes!


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