Monday morning grief

This morning, my partner says to me “will you do a white wash today?”

Why, was my response. Oh, he doesn’t have any more of those white tshirts he sometimes wears.

I do a quick check in the drawers to reassure myself that it’s not possible he’s out of undershirts, expecting a disarray of tshirts mixed up with other clothing, and I see neatly folded non-white tshirts and an empty spot where the white tshirts are usually stowed.


At the same time, my 10 year old comes up and wants to know why he doesn’t have any long-sleeved tops.

“Of course you do, check your drawers”, I said.

He did and all he saw was tshirts.

“But you always wear tshirts, and a hoodie”, was my response. Uh, no, he likes the long ones now.

Quick check in his clothing closet and….um…no long shirts in the drawers.

I pass by the laundry room and see four baskets of laundry piled high.

What exactly have I been doing in the past week? Not laundry, that’s what.

I point to the basket with lovingly folded clothing in the hallway outside the kids’ room and say “why didn’t you take these clothes and put them away? There’s probably a long sleeved shirt in there…”.

There was. He puts it on and I do a double take. Do those jeans look awfully snug on that boy? I mean, he’s very lean and athletic looking, but those pants look….tight.

I verify the tag and it says size 7.



I check the rest of his pants. Most have holes in them at the knees and are at least three inches too short. His second pair of jeans is a size 8.


I remember back when Ben was 8 I had the same thing happen with his underwear. I just happened to be in the room when he was getting dressed and noticed how small the undies looked. They were a size 6x. Ben was a not particularly big 8 year old….but that meant he had been wearing the same undies for over two years. He never mentioned to me that they were uncomfortable…

So I make a new list. While adding tasks I open the fridge to pour milk into my coffee. There’s a box of cereal in the fridge…Behind it is an almost empty carton of milk. Not enough for my coffee…


Didn’t I just buy a whole bunch of milk? We should have full fat homo for the boy, 2% lactose-free for the girl, and 1% fine-filtered for me. Where is all the milk?

I check the cereal drawer. Maybe Ben got confused when he put the cereal in the fridge…

No milk.

So now I have two new lists. Shopping for milk, and shopping for kids clothes. Maybe I should check the state of the laundry detergent, while I’m at it, as well.




2 Replies to “Monday morning grief”

  1. I always feel totally on top of the inventory around here until suddenly – NOPE. Everything goes missing/gets dirty/sizes out at once, doesn’t it? I’ve been wanting to blog about this but it’s a fine line for privacy so I will just comment here to say that a male child of mine was still wearing size 6 underpants up until last month, at age **12**. I’d bought him some next-size-up undies about three years ago thinking he would need them SOMEDAY and then suddenly they showed up in the laundry bin – he’d pulled them out because the smaller ones felt a little tight – and I was like, HALLELUJAH.

    Good luck with the clothes shopping – Old Navy has a massive sale on everything today!


    1. Thanks for the comment, and for reminding me about the privacy. And thanks for the tip about Old Navy…I drove past there twice today and didn’t have the patience to look for parking so I didn’t bother… 😦


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