Ridiculous preoccupations of a SAHM

Wanna know what bugs me? Something so ridiculous I seriously question my state of mind sometimes.

Here it is.

We are always out of drinking glasses.

Doesn’t matter what time of day it is, unless I just emptied the clean dishwasher myself, chances are, there are no drinking glasses available.

I look in the cupboard and it’s empty. I look in the dishwasher. If the glasses are in there, they are likely unwashed. If the dishwasher is void of dirty drinking glasses, then I have to take a trip around the house and collect them everywhere kids (and husband) hang out. Which is everywhere: in front of the tv, on the floor beside the couch where the xbox is plugged in, on bedside tables, kitchen tables, office desks, dining tables…


This is not to say we have a less-than-average amount of drinking glasses than other households. We have, what I would calls, a normal amount of drinking glasses for a family of four. It also does not mean that we break glasses every day, although they do occasionally get dropped, or chipped in the dishwasher. But this is just normal wear and tear, or usage, not some weird drinking-glass-fetish or what have you.

But why are we using so many glasses every day? Are we just a really thirsty bunch? Or maybe germ-phobes?

So this is what happens.

They get up in the morning and use a glass for their lemon water. That’s my thing for everyone in the family: drink a glass of lemon water upon waking up.

The one kid likes juice, so she gets a second glass for her oj.

Fine. Right?

It’s there rest of the day that makes me mental. Each time they want a drink they get a new glass.

So even before dinner time, we run out of drinking glasses.

In an effort to combat this ridiculousness, I took each kid’s morning water glass, which they barely touch once anyway, and put an elastic band around it. So for the boy, it’s a green or blue elastic band, and for the girl a red one. I then announce that this is their glass for the remainder of the entire day and to remember where they leave it because I forbid them (ha!) to get a new glass out of the cupboard.

drinking glass

We shall see how it works out.

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